Meet the Face Behind G Studios

Gabrielle Hopp


My name is Gabrielle Hopp and I am the face behind G Studios.

I am 25 years old and have always had a love for the arts.

In my earlier years you could find me drawing my loved ones as stick figures and then moving onto (what I thought were) magnificent portraits of my dad and yiayia, painting, making Popsicle stick log cabins or home made play dough with my dad. If you knew me as a child or still do to this day, you would know that I have an amazing support system! Even with all of the "wonderful" art that my 4 siblings and I created, my parents and grandparents would be so proud of us and lie saying that they were wonderful pieces. I'm pretty positive that my mom has saved every piece of art that we had made in the past. My maternal grandparents came over to the United States, from Greece with the American dream in their heart in the late 1960's. They set the example for working hard. My Yiayia a seamstress and my Papou a painter.